Pest exclusion  nets are an organic  gardener’s best friend.
Pests & diseases

Organic pest control: start here

Pests and diseases are to be expected, but one way to keep them at bay is to plant the right crops at the right time, writes Phil Dudman.

Clerid beetles are commonly seen on flowers, feeding on pollen or insects.
Pests & diseases

Beneficial insects in your garden

Denis Crawford is a big fan of beetles and says there are many hard at work in our gardens.

Collars can protect seedlings from pests.
Pests & diseases

Protecting your plants from pests

Deploying a range of barriers and exclusion products will help protect your crops from marauding creatures, writes Penny Woodward. 

The cabbage white butterfly.
Pests & diseases

How to deal with cabbage white butterfly

Denis Crawford looks at the scourge of brassica plants – cabbage white butterfly – and has some tips for dealing with them.

Good bugs are vital to an organic garden.
Pests & diseases

How good bugs work in an organic garden

A well-balanced garden replicates a wild environment filled with beneficial insects that can help keep pests under control.

Citrus leafminer
Pests & diseases

Pest and disease threats

Penny Woodward suggests two threats to your harvest to look out for in your garden now: citrus leafminer and powdery mildew.

Snails love tender plants and seedlings.
Pests & diseases

Stop those snails and slugs!

Penny Woodward has a constant challenge keeping snail and slugs from chomping away at her vegies! Learn how she does it.

Spring is the best time to plant lime trees.
Pests & diseases

How to protect limes from pests

Limes look gorgeous in your garden and add a tasty tang to meals in your kitchen -- so you don't want pests getting to them before you do.

Snails begone!
Pests & diseases

Snails begone!

Peas appear to be a favourite of snails and slugs -- Penny Woodward has a simple solution.

Pests & diseases

Statuesque angelica

Choose your spot carefully suggests Penny Woodward, before planting angelica.

Rust on garlic leaf
Pests & diseases

Garlic pests and diseases

Recipes to combat some garlic pests and diseases from Penny Woodward

Banded sugar ant
Pests & diseases

Ants – friend or foes

Ants are part of life in Australia, says Denis Crawford, and are very important in the environment.