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This issue Organic Gardener celebrates summer with juicy watermelons, crunchy capsicums and Peter Cundall chips in with his favourite garden hoes, plus much more. Out now!

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Exclusion Bagging

How to control fruit fly

JUSTIN RUSSELL suggests ways to keep destructive fruit fly at bay so you can enjoy your organically grown fruit.

Bright red rubarb stems

Rhubarb bounty

PENNY WOODWARD has been harvesting a prolific crop of rhubarb and adding it to a moreish rhubarb cake.

Super fruit: capsicums

The mighty capsicum

JUSTIN RUSSELL gets to the seedy heart of capsicums and comes to the conclusion we'd be 'stuffed' without them.

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Matt and Lentil Purbrick

Farming with nature

Simplicity, sustainability and connection inform life on the farm for Grown & Gathered market gardeners, flower traders and fearless...

full moon rising

Full moon rising

While our 2015-16 moon planting chart has now waned, here's an up-to-date chart, produced by Lyn Bagnall and for sale at Aussie Organic...

Planting guides

Our simple planting guides will help you find out what plants grow best in
your region and when to plant them.

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Frankie, Noah and Aurelia Gordon with Rosie the Araucana chicken

Patch from Scratch   Pictures, plans and more from the Gordon’s makeover.


How to…

Pests & Diseases

Sustainable living

Latest videos


Backyard chickens

Check out the chook palace in the Patch from Scratch garden and see Alex and Costa as they release the chooks! in this episode of ABC TV Gardening Australia.


Safe soil

How safe is your soil? Professor Mark Taylor from Macquarie University's VegeSafe program tests the soil in the Patch from Scratch garden in this epidode of ABC TV Gardening Australia.


Garlic varieties

Learn about different garlic varieties to grow now with our horticultural editor and garlic guru, Penny Woodward in this video from ABC TV Gardening Australia.

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