Fill your garden with goodness!

The latest issue of ABC Organic Gardener is filled with great ideas to sow and grow a bountiful harvest, from water-saving tips and beautiful blooms to cool treats for chooks! 

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Beach Bananas

Native plants for indoors

There’s a stack of Australian native plants from rainforest areas that are naturally suited to low light, so are...

Tomatoes are a favourite here at Organic Gardener!

Tomato growing success

You can never have too many tomatoes in your harvesting basket! And with these tips from Helen McKerral you are sure...

Chooks provide much more than fresh eggs and fertiliser.

Feathered friends

Chooks provide many things from fresh eggs to fertiliser for your garden, and they can even become feathered friends...

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Ten tips for a healthy garden

Penny Woodward, shares her tips for a thriving garden – one that will provide veg and fruit, and help the planet.

Tomato seedlings

Growing tomatoes from seed

There are many ways of growing tomatoes from seed, but here is one of the simplest and most common, using punnets or seedling trays, from...

Itoh peonies from Issue 117

The Magic of Peonies

We love peonies at OG and Eliza Henry-Jones shares that love -- here she also shares tips for growing these beauties.

Planting guides

Our simple planting guides will help you find out what plants grow best in
your region and when to plant them.


Everyone loves lemons.

Some simple tips for citrus trees from our horticultural experts.