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Zucchini / squash

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 Zucchini and squash vines can be trained to grow vertically to save space.

Likes: Compost enriched soil, full sun and protection from wind.
Dislikes: Wet weather and leaves being watered.
When to plant/sow in zone:
How to start: Sow seed direct into soil, or into small pots for planting out later. Sow two seeds per hole and then remove the weakest plant.
How to grow: Water regularly but avoid wetting foliage. Fertilise every 6–8 weeks. Remove old diseased foliage.
When to harvest: Check plants daily and harvest fruit when 15–20cm long. If fruit production is poor, try hand pollinating the flowers.
Pests and diseases: Powdery mildew

Wondering what to plant when?

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