Celebrating 25 years of organic gardening excellence
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Celebrating 25 years of organic gardening excellence

We started 25 years ago with the aim to supply trusted, practical advice for organic gardeners. Today, our focus is still on providing practical solutions so you can live a greener, healthier life.

A magpie lark.
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Listen to your garden

In amongst all the gardening tasks on her to-do list, Penny Woodward likes to take the time to listen to what's going on in her garden and learn from the sounds she hears.

Seed saving helps preserve desirable traits and build crop resilience.
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Seed saving for the future

Leonie Shanahan looks at why seed saving is so important to our health and food security.

Early engagement with nature is important for children.
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Rewilding our schools

Urban rewilding is helping nature make a comeback, especially in schools where children get a chance to go 'wild', writes Helen Cushing.

We all need to work towards a world without plastic.
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Imagining a world without plastic

Rethinking plastic use is not only an environmental responsibility but also an opportunity to foster sustainable habits that benefit both our homes and the planet. 

Persimmons are a great tree to grow and provide a bounty of fruit in autumn.
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Plant for a changing climate

We need to plan, and plant, for the changing climate so that we can ensure our gardens are filled with bountiful harvests in the future. These tips from our horticultural experts will help.

Rainbow lorikeet.
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The beauty and benefits of bird song

Bird song, even in the inner city we can hear a warble or two from the surrounding trees and bushes that brings a smile, especially when those kookaburras start laughing. But they don't just add colour and beauty, they are also good for our mental wellbeing according to recent research, writes Leanne Croker.

A natural burial means the body is buried in designated bushland where it decomposes naturally.
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Have you considered a natural burial?

What happens when we die? Leanne Croker considers how she wants to be buriedso the disposal of her remains makes the least impact on the earth.

Trees and greens spaces are essential for urban sustainability and liveability.
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How trees cool homes in a warming climate

Trees green urban landscapes, help cool homes and add beauty, writes Angie Roach. The best bit? We can plant them ourselves.

Many young farmers are now turning to the land to create positive change.
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Cultivating our future farmers

Positive change is happening in agriculture, and organisations such as Young Farmers Connect are there to help, writes Tara Luca.

There's a growing awareness about responsible and ethical investing.
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How to get started with ethical investing

Do you want to invest your money ethically? Simon Webster shares how to get started.

The community garden is run by volunteers.
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Sharing gardening knowledge – and food

Eliza Henry-Jones reports on a community food project in Victoria that's all about learning to grow food and sharing it with the locals.