Tom Field's Bearhug wraps are one solution to reducing soft plastics.
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New ideas for tackling Australia’s soft plastics problems

Australians generate around 70 billion soft-plastic pieces per year. This team has one creative solution.

The work of Rob Stewart has highlighted the importance of sharks.
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The work continues to save our sharks

Shark numbers are decreasing, making the work of the late Rob Stewart crucial to their future, writes Reese Halter.

Dr Cooper Schouten is the director of a new  bee research centre.
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New Honey Bee Research Centre

A new Honey Bee Research and Development Centre has been established at Southern Cross University. 

Discover Australia's diverse pollinators
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Discover Australia’s diverse pollinators

Australian Pollinator Week runs from November 11-19, and it's all about understanding pollinator diversity.

Native forests help with controlling carbon emissions.
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Native forests for climate

Reese Halter argues the case for the end to native forest logging in Australia, discussing how it would dramatically benefit our fight against climate change while saving our beautiful trees.

Penny Woodward in her garden.
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Plant your garden for the planet

Penny Woodward, who has written for OG for over 15 years and been the horticultural editor for seven, knows gardeners can make a difference.

Creating more life in the soil is key to helping the planet.
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Start with the soil

Paul Hawken says regenerative agriculture is one of the keys to turning around global warming. Here, he explains its origins, fundamentals and future role.

Trees can have a positive impact on our blood pressure.
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Deep forest diving

In an extract from his new book The Heartbeat of Trees, Peter Wohlleben delves into the benefits of spending time in forests.

Logging in Papua New Guinea
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Our life-giving forests

Environmental activist and nature defender Dr Reese Halter celebrates the carbon-storing, rain-creating and simple majesty of trees, while calling for immediate action to protect them and humanity’s future.

The male Blue Tiger butterfly collects pollen as it contains pheromones that make it attractive to the female.
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The power of pollination

Pollination is necessary for our gardens to thrive so it's handy to understand how we can help all those beneficial insects and animals do their work.

White-lipped green tree frog.
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Organic solutions for a changing climate

There's a lot to cope with in the garden when the climate is so uncertain -- and it's not just the plants, we need to watch out for the locals as well. Leonie Shanahan has some ideas to help.

The dramatic decline in the bogong moth population has had a deleterious impact on the endangered pygmy possum.
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Where have all the insects gone?

Reese Halter investigates new research revealing the alarming loss of insects all over the planet, what is causing it, which insects are most affected and what we can do.