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Discover essential tips and techniques to create a thriving organic garden, including soil preparation, composting, propagating and more! Our experts are here to help you make the most of your edible gardening space.

Composting is an important way to turn waste into nutrients for your garden.
Compost & mulch

Smart composting

Jian Liu has discovered a few tricks for harnessing all the benefits of compost, with minimal effort.

Elemental sulfur corrects sulfur deficiencies and  lowers soil pH.

Does your soil pass the test?

Knowing which nutrients are in short supply (or oversupplied) can help you take a more targeted approach to fertilisers that you add to your soil.

MIFGS Superbloom display

Create your own patch of diversity

The future of native gardens was showcased at the 2023 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. You can even create one in your own backyard!

Bantams lay eggs that tend to have a larger proportion of yolk to white.
Bees, poultry & livestock

Bantams: the small space chook

If you’d love to keep a few low-cost chooks for eggs but have limited space, bantams are the answer, writes Jessamy Miller.

You can repurpose old bricks to build your raised beds.

Build your own garden bed

A raised bed can look great and be incredibly useful, providing a neat, contained space in which to grow your vegies, writes Simon Webster. All it takes is some planning and the right materials.