With a bit of prep work you'll have a bountiful garden this summer.

Your end of spring to-do list

Before spring ends and the worst of the heat arrives, take some time to prepare your garden for a successful summer, writes Angie Roach.

Nets for fruit trees

Netting fruit

Penny Woodward explains that now is the perfect time to net or bag your fruit.


Training brambleberries

Helen McKerral investigates the juicy world of brambleberries, from boysenberries to youngberries. 

Shade Trees

Gardening jobs for May

Justin Russell suggests two jobs to do this month to help your garden deal with a changing climate. 

Autumn Light

Gardening jobs for April

With its golden light and pleasant working conditions, autumn is a magical time of the year to be gardener, says Justin Russell. 

Green Manure

Gardening jobs for March

Justin Russell reckons it's time to take advantage of pleasant autumn weather and get stuck into gardening jobs.

Worm liquid is a relatively easy-to-produce home-made liquid fertiliser.

Liquid gold

Penny Woodward investigates the expanding range of liquid fertilisers, from seaweed extracts to manure teas.

Qld Fruit Fly

Gardening jobs for January

Join Justin Russell in 2018 for seasonal gardening tips to keep your patch thriving.

A developing tomato

Doing the tomato shake

Shake your tomato flowers to help with pollination and set fruit, writes Penny Woodward.


What to do in October

With an early spring giving way to summer in some parts of Oz, Justin Russell suggests jobs to help your garden cope.

Garden Bed Preparation

Gardening jobs for July

Justin Russell discovers a new found love for July and suggests some warming winter gardening action.

Mobile biochar kiln

Biochar explained

Simon Webster investigates biochar and reveals Peter Cundall's method for making it.