How to pollinate zucchini plants

How to pollinate zucchini plants

The only tricky aspect of growing zucchini can be ensuring plants are pollinated and so produce the fruit that's a kitchen staple year round. These tips from Penny Woodward will help.

Soil pests and diseases can accumulate in a bed if the same crop is grown repeatedly.

How to put in place a crop rotation plan

Whether simple or more complex, it’s good to have a crop rotation plan to avoid pest and disease build up, writes Justin Russell.

Picking your own fruit fresh from a tree is one of the top gardening joys.

Plan for the future: grow fruit trees

Honey and Leonie Atkinson transformed a patch of kikuyu grass into a thriving orchard, here's their planting advice to help you have your own bumper fruit harvest.

A juvenile eastern spinebill uses its curved beak to access nectar in kangaroo paws.

How to bring more birds into your garden

Georgia Angus looks at the vital role insects play in supporting native birds and how you can plant to attract more bugs, and so more birds, to your backyard.

Don't throw that old milk out, you can use it on your garden.

Don’t cry over out-of-date milk & other tips

Our experts have some simple solutions to help you grow your harvest organically.

As soon as you stop digging the soil starts to repair itself.

Join the no-dig revolution

There's a growing number of gardeners who have hung up the spade and adopted the no-dig approach. Phil Dudman explains why.

Sophie Thomson's mini wicking beds in old washing machine drums.

Small container wicking beds

ABC Gardening Australia’s Sophie Thomson was sceptical about wicking beds but now has 22 and is a convert, saving huge amounts of water, and time, in her vegie garden.

Raising your own seedlings is a great skill to have as an organic gardener.

Success with seedlings

If you think raising your own vegies from seed is too hard, or you’ve tried it with limited success, don’t give up! Phil Dudman is here to offer some help. 

Plant support frames help with the organisation of your garden.

Grow more with climbing frames

Build up to help you grow more in a limited space, care for your plants better and get higher returns at harvest time, writes Phil Dudman.

MIFGS Superbloom display

Create your own patch of diversity

The future of native gardens was showcased at the 2023 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. You can even create one in your own backyard!

Weeding garden paths has a big visual impact.

Top tips for a tidy garden

A tidy garden may not lead to a tidy mind as some people claim a tidy home will, but it will certainly make maintenance easier throughout the busier times of planting and harvesting. Here's some simple tips from Helen McKerral to help you clean up your plot.

You can repurpose old bricks to build your raised beds.

Build your own garden bed

A raised bed can look great and be incredibly useful, providing a neat, contained space in which to grow your vegies, writes Simon Webster. All it takes is some planning and the right materials.