Tasmanian purple.

Grow garlic in your backyard

Why spend a fortune buying garlic when you can grow this nutritious flavour-enhancer in your own backyard or even a pot? Jian Liu has some ideas to help you succeed.

Grow Phil Dudman's favourite
What to plant

Grow Phil Dudman’s favourite

Our horticultural editor Phil Dudman has discovered a new gardening joy: brussels sprouts.

'Lady Godiva' is one variety of hull-less pumpkins.

Grow your own pepitas

It’s easy to turn edible pumpkin seeds into a tasty snack – you just need the right varieties and these tips from Linda Cockburn.

Tatsoi is best grown in autumn.

Fast-growing greens to fill garden gaps

Autumn is a good time to plant fast-growing green to help fill garden gaps when your summer harvest is over, writes Jian Liu.

Silverbeet seedlings can be planted close together.

How to grow silverbeet

Karen Sutherland says this versatile veg is her steady, reliable, go-to plant, with its long harvest time and ability to self-seed. Here's her top tips for growing.

‘Custard White’ is an American heirloom dating back to 1722.

Time to grow squash

Karen Sutherland explores the surprisingly diverse and super-productive range of squash – you only need a few plants to feed a family.

Sow and grow corn during the warmer months.

Grow colourful corn!

Corn in all its colours and types thrives in our hot summers and can be packed into a small space making it an ideal backyard vegie, writes Jian Liu.

You can grow your own fresh tomatoes with our experts' tips.

Time to grow tomatoes

These tips from our horticultural experts will help you have a bumper tomato harvest. 

Oca tubers have a pleasant lemony flavour.

Try your hand at yams

You can tap into the highly sustaining qualities of yams, whether you have a cool or warm climate garden, writes Karen Sutherland.

Only the stalks of rhubarb are edible.

The joys of growing rhubarb

The scent of rhubarb and apple pie coming from a kitchen is oh-so tempting, especially when you've grown the rhubarb yourself. You can get started with these tips from Jian Liu.

Broad-leafed annual, 'Apollo'.

Growing rocket

Penny Woodward profiles this versatile, peppery herb, which is as easy to grow as it is delicious! Great for salads and stir-fries.

Silverbeet is colourful and delicious!

Silverbeet and friends

Lush, prodigious, multicoloured, nutritious – Helen Cushing reveals the rich tapestry of silverbeet (or chard by any other name).