Tom Field's Bearhug wraps are one solution to reducing soft plastics.
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New ideas for tackling Australia’s soft plastics problems

Australians generate around 70 billion soft-plastic pieces per year. This team has one creative solution.

Dr Cooper Schouten is the director of a new  bee research centre.
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New Honey Bee Research Centre

A new Honey Bee Research and Development Centre has been established at Southern Cross University. 

The newly discovered Rhododendron astrophorum.
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New Rhododendron species found in the Philippines

A botanist at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, has unveiled a new species of plant, Rhododendron astrophorum.

The theme for National Recycling Week 2023 is "What goes around, comes around", recognising that the actions we take at home can have a big impact.
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Recycling’s Ripple Effect: How Australia Can Turn the Tide on Waste

This National Recycling Week Australian households and businesses are encouraged to keep valuable resources out of landfill.

We can cut our energy use at the same time as making our houses and the appliances within them more efficient.
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New energy guide can help save money

By looking at our energy use, we can not only save money, but help limit future climate harm.