Allium seed heads cut down for drying and seed-saving.

Essential guide to seed saving

Helen McKerral explores how nature spreads seeds, the value of saving seed from your garden, and how to do it.

Billy Button seed two weeks after sowing.

Collecting native seeds

Libby Woodward writes about how to grow plants from native seeds collected in your own garden.

Look for pots that can be planted into the ground with the seedling.

Seed sowing basics

Growing your own seedlings gives you greater diversity in your garden, as well as contributing to the heirloom seed saving community, writes Helen McKerral.

Salsify seed will be blown by the wind.

How seeds disperse naturally

Once plants start seeding in your garden, you'll be amazed where they pop up – Helen McKerral explains how it happens, naturally.


Planting seed

First time sowing seed? Here's some tips from Penny Woodward for new growers to follow, as well as a guide to the plants best grown as seedlings.

Spade and gloved hand

Planting seedlings

There are some ways, says Penny Woodward, to ensure that summer planted seedlings stay alive.


Getting intensive

Justin Russell investigates a selection of tools and equipment for ambitious gardeners and aspiring market gardens

Seeds sown in coir pots

Sowing organic seeds

It's life affirming, says Penny Woodward, to plant seed and watch it grow.

Saving leek seeds

How to save seeds

As seed company ownership tightens, now's the time to learn how to save your own seed writes Simon Webster. 

Raising seeds

Raising your own seedlings

Justin Russell explains how to raise your own seedlings in a homemade seed-raising mix.

Garlic and endive

Self-sown bonanza

Penny Woodward says she doesn't have to do anything, these vegies and flowers just appear.

Seed Packets

Spring seed sowing 101

Confused about which seed to sow where? Not sure which potting mix to use? JUSTIN RUSSELL has you covered.