Whether you are just starting out or are a compost connoisseur, we have all your garden planning and needs covered.

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Garden planning

Vegie beds at Buena Vista farm.

Crop rotation

 Justin Russell says it's good to have a crop rotation plan in...

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Getting started

Know your stuff

In Issue 125, Penny Woodward set out a very useful glossary of...

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Compost & soil

walk on board

Wet soils

Penny explains that her soil is sodden, and she's being very...

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Planting seed

First time sowing seed? Penny Woodward gives us some back to basics...

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Garden tools

Gallery - How-to Photos that illustrate ways to get started.

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A Family Affair

Tino is working in his parents’ vegetable plot, giving some advice on propagating perennial vegetables, and the whole family gets together to help out.