Inspirational gardens

Inspirational gardens - Tassie tales

November 2012

LINDA COCKBURN looks back on her family’s adventures when they moved to Tasmania six years ago, to build a home and grow their own food. We collected together a few additional pictures of her garden and home, to illustrate her success.

Inspirational gardens - bloomin’ marvellous!

November 2012

PETER CUNDALL reminisces about how he and his wife, Tina, turned a piece of impoverished, barren land into a highly productive slice of paradise, and shows us some extra pictures of their garden in the Tamar Valley, in northern Tasmania.

Inspirational Gardens - Bellissimo!

November 2012

JERRY COLEBY-WILLIAMS and his house-mate reveal how their garden has become a living larder. Here are some images of their suburban garden, Bellis.

Peter Cooper and Karen Hall who together designed and created Wychwood.

Wychwood magic

October 2012

HELEN CUSHING visits Wychwood Garden and Nursery – a living work of art where the palette includes a productive mix of exotic plants, fruit and vegies, as well as a magical twist.

Graham and Annemarie Brookman in their market garden at The Food Forest.

Permaculture Providers

April 2012

Annemarie and Graham Brookman have spent 30 years creating a remarkable permaculture property near the Barossa Valley that produces more than 160 varieties of fruit, vegetables and nuts, and provides a working model for sustainable living, writes SIMON WEBSTER.