What to do now

Basket of garlic

February is Garlic Month!

January 31, 2017

February 2017 is Garlic Month and there are lots of activities to tempt, says PENNY WOODWARD.

Pumpkin and flower

Pollinating pumpkins

January 25, 2017

Help your pumpkins along with these easy pollination tips from PENNY WOODWARD.

Storing garlic

January 10, 2019

So you've harvested and cured your garlic, now you need to store it. Penny Woodward explains how.

Nets for fruit trees

Netting fruit

December 19, 2018

Penny Woodward explains that now is the perfect time to net or bag your fruit.

Heirloom bean graphic

Which bean is that?

September 13, 2018

Want to know which heirloom bean is which? We reveal all here!

Green sprouting broccoli

Bountiful broccoli

February 8, 2018

Broccoli isn't just a one-head wonder, you can encourage multiple harvests of delicious side shoots. Justin Russell shows you how. 

Cocozelle Zucchinis

Gardening jobs for November

October 30, 2017

With the weather heating up read Justin Russell's tips for resilient gardening this month.