Sustainable living

Sustainable House Day

September 2013

Here’s a chance to visit an eco-friendly home near you, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

David Suzuki

Talking green business

August 2013

Do capitalism and sustainability go together? David Suzuki may have the answer, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Ash Tree

Sustainable firewood

July 2013

Heating with wood has a reputation for being unsustainable, but JUSTIN RUSSELL argues that with the right timber and a slow combustion heater, your fireplace can be carbon neutral.

The allergy epidemic

June 2013

KYLIE McGREGOR looks at the sudden rise in childhood allergies, in particular food allergies, and ways to reduce the risks.

The sustainable block

April 2013

After 11 years in Sydney, Jerry Coleby-Williams and Jeff Poole decided to realise their passions for gardening and living sustainably.