Prolifically bearing orange tree in a garden.

Soil secrets for citrus success

June 2022

There's many aspects of citrus growing that ensure success (climate, tree choice and where you plant it, for example) but it all starts with the soil, writes Helen McKerral.

'Eureka' has a very long harvest period.

Fantastic citrus to try

May 2022

It's time to plant your citrus and Helen McKerral suggests different options you may want to grow in your backyard.

Native australian citrus

Aussie citrus

September 2015

Native limes, like finger and desert limes, can be planted now, says PENNY WOODWARD

Making the cut

March 2014

In the coming months it will be time to start thinking about pruning. Phil Dudman takes you through the process for citrus trees.

Pruning citrus

August 2010

August is an important time for pruning citrus. PHIL DUDMAN shares his tips on how to go about it.

Nagami Cumquat

Show your citrus some lovin’

July 2010

If you’ve been enjoying a bumper crop of citrus this year, now is the time to give something back reports PHIL DUDMAN.

Citrus Leafminer

Cure for Curly Citrus

April 2010

Wondering why your citrus leaves look so distorted and unhealthy? PHIL DUDMAN reveals the cause and a recipe to fix it.