Sustainable living

Your ultimate guide to living sustainably—from chemical-free chooks and children, to inspiring people, homes and gardens.

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Organic homes

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Organic life

Hemp has many environmental benefits.

Herculean hemp

Hemp is the Hercules of the plant world – a remarkable drought-...

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Inspirational gardens

Some of the amazing tomatoes grown by Cheryl McGaffin.

Tomato bonanza

Cheryl McGaffin has about 180 different tomato varieties growing...

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Poultry & livestock

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Your child

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Climate change

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Frankie, Noah and Aurelia Gordon with Rosie the Araucana chicken

Patch from Scratch   Pictures, plans and more from the Gordon’s makeover.

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The observer

From her first visit, Tasmanian forests had a profound effect on Miranda Gibson. This would go on to become a passion to protect those forests from logging and ultimately led to her spending 449 days, 60 metres above the ground in a tree that was named Observer Tree. After nearly 15 months shut off from reality Miranda was forced to evacuate the tree last year. Since then the area where Observer Tree stands and the surrounding forest have been given World Heritage status. Ella Richmond is an ABC Open contributor who also works part-time in a non-editorial role at ABC Local Radio in Hobart. This film was produced in her own time after attending an ABC Open video workshop.

Being part of the solution

Robyn Francis is a person gardener. For over 30 years she has taught communities across the world about Permaculture, empowering them with practical ways to produce food, regenerate damaged landscapes and connect community. Robyn the Activator from ABC Open North Coast NSW on Vimeo.

Life lessons

Costa Georgiadis heads to a senior school in Port Kembla to check out their vegetable garden, which is used by students as a central plank in their curriculum and as a way of helping some with social re-engagement.

The way of the future

Sophie Thomson visits Port Augusta to explore a world first greenhouse project, which is growing vegetables by harnessing the power of the sun and sea.