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You can help keep track of local frog populations, like this Motorbike frog.

Become a citizen scientist

Looking for a holiday activity that you can do in your own background or local area? Try helping out researchers by becoming a citizen scientist. 

Summer holidays are here and as we head into 2023 you might want to take on a new project. Learning new skills or gaining a deeper understanding of nature might just kickstart your new year. Here’s two ideas to get you started:

Become a citizen scientist

Learn about your local environment (even what’s happening in your own backyard) while helping scientists gather information – in other words, become a citizen scientist. You can count frogs, track birds or discover echidnas (to name a few projects). No matter your skill level or time available there’s something for everyone, kids included.

Some good resources for finding out more:
Australian Citizen Science Association
Australian Museum
Backyard Buddies (an initiative of the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife) 
Birds In Backyards

OG 138 holidays_fairywren by iStock


Join your community garden

Don’t forget the fun of learning with others and a great way of doing that is by joining your local community garden.

Councils are good places to start if looking for a garden or try one of the following:

Community Gardens Australia
Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network
Sustainable Gardening Australia


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