Pests & diseases

How to deal with pests and diseases in the garden and home, naturally. Plus beneficial plants and insects.

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Pest & disease remedies

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Beneficial plants & insects

Teddy bear bee (Amegilla bombiformis)

Bring in the bees

There's heaps to do in the summer garden, including encouraging...

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Remedies for the home

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Harlequin bugs

Gallery - Pest & Diseases Photos of bugs and remedies

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Little Helpers

Tino meets a man who uses an unusual insect to better manage soil fertility.

Home made remedies

Colin Campbell makes some easy pest and disease remedies using every day household ingredients.

Fruit fly

Josh Byrne explains how to protect crops from fruit fly attack - the organic way. 

Predators wanted

Jerry plants a range of species to attract predator insects to help keep pests under control.