Expert tips and advice on everything you need to know about what to grow—and harvest—now.

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'Purple Dragon' variety of carrot.

Colourful carrots

There are so many different types of carrot you can grow in your...

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What to plant now

Leafy brassicas

Winter fare

Penny Woodward describes some unusual and more common edibles for...

Prostanthera rotundifolia

Minty magic

Known by gardeners as native mint bush, Prostanthera rotundifolia ...

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What to harvest now

Rosa rugosa rose hips

Rose hips

In this bountiful season, Penny Woodward explains, rose hips come...

Preserving Lemons

Preserving lemons

Back in June 2014, Justin Russell shared his tips for preserving a...

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Fruits & nuts

Paul West loved picking mulberries as a kid.

Mighty mulberries

From an early age, Paul West fell in love with the resilient mulberry...

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Herbs & spices

Betony flowers


Betony flowers provide nectar for bees, butterflies and beneficial...

Winter savory in flower

Winter savory

Spicy, fragrant, warming. This little-known herb is perfect for cool...

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Home-grown spuds

Gallery - Grow Our best photos of things growing

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Seeing the signs

Jerry shows how he uses the plants in his garden as reliable indicators of seasonal change in Brisbane’s unpredictable climate.

Caring for strawberries

Margaret Sirl demonstrates how to tend to your strawberries and propagate new plants from runners.

Putting waste to work

Costa visits an inner city garden packed full of productive plants where food waste is used to fuel the compost, chickens and abundant garden growth