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The everlasting daisy is a short-lived, native perrenial.

A blooming summer

Grow these beautiful blooms to attract pollinators to your garden and fill your patch with summer colour!

Whether you want to create a whimsical fairytale border, a brightly coloured native feature, or just pop in a few luscious pastel blooms to attract bees and birds to the patch, these gorgeous flowers have you covered.

Everlasting daisies

Xerochrysum bracteatum  

The everlasting daisy (main image) is a short-lived, native perennial that will grow up to 1m high. Sometimes known as paper daisies and strawflowers, these gorgeous blooms come in a wide range of colours, from bright oranges and yellows, to pink and white. Everlasting daisies are striking in a variety of settings: growing in rockeries and pots, or in a garden bed. They will happily grow in all but tropical regions. In cool and warm-temperate zones, sow in spring and into summer and in the subtropics, autumn to spring. They can be tricky to germinate. The seeds require light and are best scattered on the surface of moist soil, either in punnets or directly in the garden. Resilient once established, they will tolerate dry conditions and are very popular in dried flower arrangements.

Baby’s breath

Gypsophila elegans   

Straight out of a fairy garden, baby’s breath has enjoyed a big comeback in recent years. Reaching up to 60cm, this tough annual has delicate stems with sprays of tiny blooms in white or pink, and can be enjoyed in the garden or as a cut flower. It can be planted most of the year in cool and temperate climates and throughout the cooler months in subtropical areas. Sow seeds in punnets or directly in the soil. It’s a forgiving plant, but does best in full sun and well-drained soil. Mass plant them for a striking, textural border, or add as a feature in a cottage-style garden. They are a fast, no-fuss grower, making them perfect for the novice gardener. Succession plant to extend their display. 

Baby's breath_Eliza Henry-Jones

China aster

Callistephus chinensis  

China asters are a colourful and generous addition to the garden. Happy in pots or grown among other plants in a flower border, these annual asters come in a selection of bright and pastel colours. They range from 20–70cm tall, depending on the variety and repeatedly bloom through late summer and into autumn. Sow seeds in punnets or directly in the garden from spring to early summer once the threat of frost has passed. While they love full sun and well-drained soil, they will tolerate part shade. As well as being a prolific and bee-friendly addition to the garden, asters also make a fantastic cut flower with good vase life. Try ‘Lady Coral Lavender’ for fluffy, pale-purple blooms that look as beautiful indoors in a vase as they do in the garden.

China asters by istock


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