Our life-giving forests

In Issue 126 (Winter 2021), Dr Reese Halter celebrates the carbon-storing, rain-creating and simple majesty of trees.

Logging in Papua New Guinea
Photo: Alamy

About 6000 years ago, old-growth rainforests with unique genetics, structural diversity, a rich array of biodiversity, and the extraordinary ability to perpetuate tree life, beautified about half of Earth’s landmasses. Today, a slim fraction of those native rainforests remain, yet, that’s where one per cent of the trees, the giants, hold an astonishing 50 per cent of all the earthly above ground carbon. You can read Dr Reese Halter's full article about the topic in Issue 126, but the following references will help you understand the history and urgency of this important resource:












You can also find out more from these organisations:

 Bob Brown Foundation 

 WA Forest Alliance 

 Wilderness Society 

 Rainforest Action Network

 Ancient Forest Alliance

 Australian Conservation Foundation


First published: June 2021

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