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Use a sharp knife to cut cauliflower off the plant.

Take your pick: early winter 2024

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Now is a good time to see if your limes, cauliflower and ginger are ready to be put to use in your kitchen.


Limes are generally harvested before fully ripened – their skins are still green. To tell if they are ready, cup them in your hands and have a good whiff – they should have a fresh, zesty lime smell. Their skins should also give a little when squeezed. When they tick these boxes, try one.


When cauliflower heads are about 10cm wide, pull a few outer leaves over them and tie together to keep the sun off them. This stops them from discolouring. Pick when the head has reached full size and the fleurettes are still tight. Use a sharp knife to cut it off the plant.


Ginger has matured when leaves start to yellow. Dig up the clump then trim and wash what you want to use and store – I chop some into 3cm pieces and freeze in ziplock bags. The rest I place in a plant pot, cover with compost and store undercover ready for spring planting.