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Make your own olives in brine

Make your own olives in brine

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Penny Woodward's recipe for olives in brine is oh-so easy -- now you just need to grow the olives!

In OG #115 Penny Woodward wrote about all things olives, including how you can grow them in your own backyard. And once grown, you will need the following recipe:


Olives in brine

5kg fresh olives (black or green), stalks removed

500g salt

6–8 lemons, sliced thickly

Oregano sprigs

Place olives in a large container and fill with fresh water until olives are covered. Drain and change water every day, for 10–12 days. Drain olives and place in airtight containers interspersed with oregano sprigs and sliced lemons.

Make the brine by dissolving salt in enough water to completely cover olives (about 5L). Heat gently in a saucepan until all salt is dissolved. Pour over olives, oregano and lemon slices until they are covered and seal the containers. Leave in a cool, dry, dark position for about 2 months for black olives, and 3 months for green olives. At this point, taste an olive, if it is still bitter then leave for another week or two.


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