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Plastic recycling is something we all have to work at.

Kerbside recycling tips

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Recycling is a must-do but it can be complicated - for those unsure about what to put in the yellow bin, Jessamy Miller has some tips.

Australia’s kerbside recycling collection program is run by local councils, and each set-up may be different. Specific instructions on how to recycle in each locale can be found on your local council website or by calling the council.  

In general, states and territories use a red-lidded bin for landfill, a yellow-lidded bin for recycling, and a green bin for garden waste only, or for FOGO, food organics, garden organics (inclusion of food scraps). Some NSW councils provide a blue-lidded bin for paper products, while Victoria is rolling out a purple-lidded bin for glass. And all those other items that you don’t know what to do with? My article in the last issue (OG 143) has some solutions. 

Simple, right? Maybe not, but here are some tips.

Recycling tips

  •  Do not put soft plastics like plastic bags or any plastic that doesn’t hold its shape into the recycling bin. 
  •  Meat and biscuit trays are type 1, accepted by most councils, but check first. 
  •  To prepare containers for recycling, rinse out any food or liquid. Labels can be left on but remove soft plastic film. 
  •  If your council accepts lids, leave on the container but squeeze air out first to aid in baling. If they don’t, rather than putting in landfill, send to Lids 4 Kids (
  •  Collect bread tags separately and send to Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs ( Some breadmakers now use cardboard tags. 

If in doubt, check with your council. For more, visit:


The number on the container indicates what kind of plastic the item is made from.

OG 144 plastic recycling guide

Note: All packaging must now have Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) instructions (


In our Spring 2023 issue (OG 144), Jessamy Miller looks at recent decisions that are reshaping recycling policy for the better in Australia, plus she suggests ways to turn your laundry green. Get a copy here!

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