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Beeswax lip balm

How to make beeswax lip balm

Even if you can't keep your own bees, you can make your own beeswax lip balm. Here's how...

Makes 60ml


20g beeswax
20g shea butter
20ml coconut oil
10+ drops essential oil of choice (such as spearmint)


Medium saucepan
Medium-sized 500ml heat-proof recycled glass jar Bamboo skewer
4 x 15ml glass jars

Create a double boiler by placing a medium- size glass jar inside a saucepan. Pour water into saucepan to half 45 way up jar. Set on stove top to heat and maintain at a simmer. Measure ingredients and add beeswax to jar, followed by shea butter and coconut oil, stirring with a bamboo skewer until melted and combined. Turn off stove top. Remove glass jar from hot water using a mitt and place on a heatproof surface. Add essential oils to your preference; to test scent, remove a small amount, dab on a saucer to cool then check aroma. If mixture hardens, place glass jar back into hot water and stir. Carefully pour the beeswax mixture into the 15ml jars. Let sit at room temperature for several hours until completely cooled.

This recipe is flexible so use an extra teaspoon of beeswax to produce a thicker lip balm or slightly less for a softer version. 


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