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10 Top Reasons for Going Organic

10 Top Reasons for Going Organic

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If you’re not already convinced, here are PHIL DUDMAN’S top 10 reasons for growing your own organic food. Spread it around!

  1. Know your food – when you’ve grown your own food you know what’s been sprayed, or more importantly, what hasn’t been sprayed on the food you eat.
  2. Love your food – food picked at the peak of freshness tastes better and is jam-packed with the vitamins and minerals are bodies are crying out for
  3. Health and Happiness – gardening makes you feel good and when you eat the food you’ve grown yourself – without harmful chemicals – you enjoy better health
  4. Varied diet – growing your own allows you to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables not commonly available in shops
  5. Save money – in today’s market, a $3 punnet of leek seedlings will return $150 worth of fresh organic leeks within 6 months. Beat that for an investment return!
  6. Reduce carbon footprint – modern food production and distribution relies on burning fossil fuels. Growing your own burns nothing but fat, and the food miles = zero
  7. Food security – when we run out of fuel, we’ll all need to be good gardeners, so let’s get started.
  8. Biodiversity – growing a range of fruit and veg contributes greatly to the biodiversity in your backyard. When the rest of the neighbourhood catches on, the biodiversity will really be humming!
  9. Beauty –  organic food gardens are simply beautiful to look at, and they are ever-changing so there’s no risk of getting bored with the same old view
  10. Sharing – growing food stimulates sharing… sharing of ideas, knowledge, experience, tools, seeds, produce and of course… friendships. Isn’t that the kind of world we want to live in?