Articles by Penny Woodward

Sweet cicely has a mild sugary aniseed flavour.

Unusual herbs to grow now

September 2020

Sweet cecily and summer savory are just two flavourful culinary herbs you can easily grow in your own garden.

walk on board

Wet soils

August 2020

Penny explains that her soil is sodden, and she's being very careful not to tread on it.

Herbs for spring

August 2020

Most herbs are perfect for spring planting says Penny Woodward but its a bit early for basil.

Tomato seedlings

Growing tomatoes from seed

July 2020

There are many ways of growing tomatoes from seed, but here is one of the simplest and most common, using punnets or seedling trays, from our horticultural editor Penny Woodward.

Welsh onions starting to flower

Welsh onions

July 2020

Tough, versatile and useful. Mild sweet onion flavour.  Ticks all the boxes says Penny Woodward

Worm farms and tumblers

June 2020

Not everyone has the space in the garden for a compost heap, writes Penny Woodward -- that's where a worm farm comes in!

Snails begone!

June 2020

Peas appear to be a favourite of snails and slugs -- Penny Woodward has a simple solution.

raining gold

Ginkgo raining gold

June 2020

This tree grew when the dinosaurs roamed the earth says Penny Woodward.