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Hanging herbs on clothes horse

How to dry herbs

Summer's a great time to dry herbs, says Penny Woodward. It's also the time when most of them should be harvested....

Justin Russell's pickled gherkins

Pickled gherkins

Experiencing a cucumber glut in your garden? That's not such a bad thing, according to Justin Russell, who has...

The electric hued blue native, Lechenaultia biloba.

Blooming blue flowers!

Although blue flowers are relatively rare, they are well worth searching out, writes Helen McKerral, adding beauty...

Build a bed for your vegies

Planning your vegie patch? Justin Russell answers the question many of you might be asking: are raised beds right...

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Tomato seedlings

Growing tomatoes from seed

There are many ways of growing tomatoes from seed, but here is one of the simplest and most common, using punnets or seedling trays, from...

Itoh peonies from Issue 117

The Magic of Peonies

We love peonies at OG and Eliza Henry-Jones shares that love -- here she also shares tips for growing these beauties.

Planting guides

Our simple planting guides will help you find out what plants grow best in
your region and when to plant them.


Everyone loves lemons.

Some simple tips for citrus trees from our experts, Helen McKerral, Leonie Shanahan and Penny Woodward.


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