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Garlic displayed

Judging garlic

Want to start your own garlic competition? Penny Woodward tells you how to judge garlic.

Poultry water should be clean enough for you to drink.

Happy hydrated hens

Hot weather makes life difficult for everyone, including chooks. Jessamy Miller has some tips to help keep them cool...


Edible weeds

Penny Woodward explains that weeds have many different uses.

Tomato flowers

Tending tomatoes

Our tomatoes need regular tending right though the summer says Penny Woodward

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Controlling fruit fly

It's time to start thinking about protecting your summer crops from fruit fly. Justin Russell has a few solutions that will help.

Planting guides

Our simple planting guides will help you find out what plants grow best in
your region and when to plant them.


Now is a good time to plant leeks.

What to do in your garden in: December

Our regional gardening to-do list will help you prepare for the hot months ahead!


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