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ABC Science wants to know your favourite Aussie animal sound (ABC).

Tuning into Nature: Vote for Australia’s favourite animal sound

What is your favourite animal sound? Vote in the ABC Science national poll today!

ABC Science invites you to immerse yourself in the symphony of the Australian wilderness and vote for your favourite animal sound as part of National Science Week 2023.

Whether it’s the summer serenade of cicadas, the haunting howl of outback dingoes, the lyrical mimicry of the lyrebird, or the amorous croaks of frogs, it’s time to celebrate the rich tapestry of bioacoustics that defines our unique landscape.

Bioacoustics, the study of wildlife sounds, is a crucial scientific field. As Dr Jen Martin, an ecologist and science communicator, explains, “Animal sounds help us to find and identify different animals, particularly ones that are hard to spot. Understanding when and why animals call means we learn more about how they flirt, fight and otherwise communicate with each other.”

Science legend Dr Karl Kruszelnicki encourages everyone to “open your ears and minds to the sounds of nature.” This initiative provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Australia’s unique wildlife and the intriguing noises they make.

ABC’s nature enthusiasts, in consultation with scientists, have curated a long-list of 28 distinct animal sounds. This collection allows you to familiarise yourself with our local tweets, howls, bellows, barks, chirps, croaks, and calls, and vote for your favourites.

Among the contenders are the whipbird’s whipcrack and “choo-choo”, the moaning frog’s eerie long call, the Tasmanian devil’s grunts and growls, and the humpback whale’s gurgles and high-pitched whistles.

To learn more about each animal and its call, and to cast your vote, visit

The poll opened on Monday, 31 July. The top 10 finalists will be announced on Friday, 11 August, followed by a second round of voting. The winner will be revealed on Friday, 18 August.

Australia’s Favourite Animal Sound is the online project for National Science Week 2023, undertaken by ABC Science with funding through the Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia strategy.

So, lend your ears to the sounds of the wild and let your vote be heard. It’s a chance to appreciate the rich biodiversity of our country and contribute to a greater understanding of our unique wildlife. Tune in, explore, and vote for your favourite call of the wild!