What to plant now

Portulaca blooming in a pot

Colourful portulaca

January 2016

PENNY WOODWARD suggests a bit of colour to brighten your day

Black Pearl Chilli

What to plant in January

January 2016

With his vegie patch in a miserable state, JUSTIN RUSSELL gets excited about January planting.


'ava go at avocados

November 2015

They may be fussy plants but homegrown avocados will pay you back big time, says JUSTIN RUSSELL.

Golden Bantam sweet corn

Sweet as

October 2015

Boil the water, pick the corn, plunge into the boiling water and enjoy! says PENNY WOODWARD


True colours

October 2015

Add colour and aroma to your garden with top-performing flowers, writes KAREN SUTHERLAND.

ripening pineapple

She'll be pineapples

October 2015

The main requirement for growing your own sweet, juicy pineapples is a little patience, writes PHIL DUDMAN.

Poultry show winner

Best in show

October 2015

JESSAMY MILLER says poultry shows are not only for the birds. 

Alice Waters and Rebecca Sullivan

Eat your words

October 2015

'Granny skills' enthusiast REBECCA SULLIVAN plots a food revolution with the legendary Alice Waters.

Climbing Beans

What to plant in October

September 2015

October is a funny old month. In many climate zones, it feels like October has said goodbye to spring but hasn't quite embraced summer. Not to worry, No matter where you garden, JUSTIN RUSSELL says it's time to get cracking. Check out his tips for what you can plant this month.