What to plant now

planting beetroot seedlings

What to plant in August

August 2016

To know what to sow now, wherever you are across Oz, check out JUSTIN RUSSELL's guide to August planting.


Coriander leaves

Crazy for coriander

May 2016

PENNY WOODWARD says versatile coriander deserves a place in every garden.

Tree onion bulbs and bulbils

Walking onions

May 2016

An onion that walks accross the garden, how can that be? asks PENNY WOODWARD

Artichoke division

What to plant in May

May 2016

Take advantage of forecast rain this month with JUSTIN RUSSELL's planting tips for a wide range of perennial and annual crops.

Creole Group garlic

Garlic planting time

March 2016

Autumn is prime garlic planting time, says PENNY WOODWARD. check out her tips for a bumper crop.

Perpetual Spinach

What to plant in March

February 2016

With a good chance of decent autumn rains on the way JUSTIN RUSSELL says it's time to get planting!

Lettuces in hanging basket

Grow your own lettuces

February 2016

Forget about buying bagged lettuce says PENNY WOODWARD, have go at growing your own.


What to plant in February

February 2016

Summer is gradually coming to a close, which according to JUSTIN RUSSELL, means time to get planting cool season crops.