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Pumpkins are ready when the skin has lost some of its sheen.

Take your pick: Autumn 2024

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Now is the time to see if you can fill your harvest basket with these tasty picks.


The first sign that your apples are ready is when they have developed the colour that’s typical of the variety. Cup a fruit in your hand and give it a gentle lift and twist. If it’s ready, it will come away from the branch with ease. Now give it the taste test!


Pumpkins are ready when the skin has turned the colour of the variety and lost some sheen. Cut it off the vine with a little stem attached. Before storing, keep pumpkins in a dry, sunny place on their sides for a few weeks to harden the skin, turning every few days to expose all sides.


Pick mint by removing a few leaves or pruning off the stems, which also helps to keep the plant bushy and contained. Water the plant well to encourage rapid regrowth. If you’re not using it immediately, place stems in a jar of water or a sealed container in the fridge.

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Autumn 2024 (OG 148)