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School of gardening rocks

School of gardening rocks

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Gardening in schools is more than teaching kids practical life skills, it’s proving to have a positive impact on literacy and numeracy as well, reports PHIL DUDMAN.

If your kid’s school has been a bit slow at adding gardening to their curriculum, then maybe you can pass on this news.

According to the results of a survey that appeared in UK’s Telegraph newspaper, teachers who used gardening as a part of their children’s education found that students where generally more independent, better at solving problems and better equipped to fulfil their potential.

“Fundamental to the success of school gardens in stimulating a love of learning was their ability to translate sometimes dry academic subjects into practical, real world experiences,” said the report, commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society.

It added: “The changeable nature of gardening projects – where anything from the weather to plant disease can affect the outcome – forced children to become more flexible and better able to think on their feet and solve problems.”

And all this time the kids thought that the gardening sessions where an opportunity to get out of schoolwork. If only they new!

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