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Roof top farming in the big apple

Roof top farming in the big apple

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An innovative group of New Yorkers turn a city roof top into a highly productive organic farm, reports PHIL DUDMAN

The idea of farming in the middle of a concrete jungle like New York was considered almost impossible, until now. One organic farming business has proven that food production can successfully take place on top of skyscrapers, and it could be just the thing to lead cities all over the world to a more sustainable food future. Not only that, growing plants on rooftops absorbs storm water runoff while helping to insulate the building underneath.

Brooklyn Grange has it’s first farm in full organic production on top of a 40,000 square foot warehouse and is looking to convert more city rooftops into market gardens that will feed NY citizens. CLICK HERE to read The Huffington Post report that features an excellent Rueters video about the farm.