Passionfruit wine

Makes: 1 bottle

Passionfruit flower
Photo: Karen Roder

If you’ve an abundance of passionfruit, try making this award-winning wine.



2.5kg passionfruit (skins removed)

1kg fructose or finely granulated sugar 3L water

1 crushed Campden tablet (sulfur-based product used to prevent growth of mould, harmful bacteria and wild yeast)

15g pectic enzyme (helps breakdown pectin, the fleshy part of most fruits)

1tsp yeast nutrient (nourishes yeast, keeping it healthy during fermentation)

1 cup apple juice (preservative free to activate the yeast)

Lalvin (wine) yeast



Cut passionfruit in half and scoop out pulp and add to sterilised primary demijohn (a glass or plastic vessel used in fermenting beverages). 

Boil water and add to sugar, stir until dissolved and allow to cool. Add crushed Campden tablet and yeast nutrient. Add to passionfruit pulp and stir. 

Cover and set aside for 12 hours. Add pectin enzyme and set aside for another 12 hours.

Warm apple juice to between 35ºC and 40ºC and add yeast. Keep at this temperature for around 20 minutes to allow yeast to activate. 

Add activated yeast to demijohn and re-cover. 

Stir passionfruit “must” daily for five days. During this stage fermentation will be vigorous. 

“Rack” (transfer) passionfruit wine into a secondary sterilised demijohn. Ensure that the wine is transferred slowly and that the sediment is left behind. 

Fit airlock and ferment to dryness. “Rack” every month until the wine becomes clear. 

Bottle wine. Taste wine after around six months, however if aged for a year or more the wine will be even tastier. 

Serve chilled on a warm summer’s afternoon with a platter of cheese and crackers for optimum enjoyment! 


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OG Issue 105 November/December 2018

Recipe: Nadia O'Connell, Firescreek Winery