Planting potted trees

Karen Sutherland walks you through planting trees in pots.

Potted Trixzie – a miniature fruit tree  of Pixzie cultivar
Photo: Flemings Nursery

Planting potted trees

Dig planting holes twice the width of the root ball but no deeper. Remove the plant from the pot and trim 1cm or so off the base of the root ball, as well as making a 1cm deep cut on opposite sides of the root ball, from top to bottom. Place the plant in the hole, so that the top of the root ball is at the same level of the top of the soil. Fill around the root ball with loose soil mixed with some well-matured compost and gypsum if your soil needs it. Firm around the roots but never over them. Water in well after planting to settle air pockets. Stake larger trees to help them establish. If you’ve purchased a bare-rooted tree, consult your supplier for instructions on how to plant it, as well as the important steps of pruning and staking after planting.

In cold climates, plant heat-loving trees such as citrus and passionfruit in mid-spring. 

First published: May 2018

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