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Jordan Wadi Rum herding

Permaculture in the Middle East

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Jordan will soon play host to permaculture designers from around the world, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Anyone planning an escape from the endless wet that has sodden much of Australia over the past few months might be tempted by a jaunt to the Middle East.


The 10th International Permaculture Convergence (also known as IPC10) is taking place in Jordan in September. Not only does this present an opportunity to gain an education in sustainable design and discover a remarkable culture, but it is almost guaranteed that you won’t need your brolly.


A two-week Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course will be followed by a one-day conference open to all, and a four-day convergence at which PDC graduates from around the world will discuss all things permie. There will also be tours and site visits.


The theme of IPC10? Water.


For an inspiring look at what is going on in the Middle East, permaculture wise, have a look at the Greening the Desert project, here.