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Organics rule in remote kingdom

Organics rule in remote kingdom

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Bhutan has unveiled another wildly progressive policy, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

What is it with Bhutan? Not only is the Himalayan kingdom the only nation on Earth to measure gross national happiness as well as gross national product, but now it plans to become 100 per cent organic, the Organic Federation of Australia reports. 

Bhutan’s Prime Minister, Jigmi Thinley, outlined his country’s plans when he addressed an event organised by the International Federation of Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) at the recent Rio +20 summit.

“My Government has pledged to become 100 per cent organic in food production, and will develop a full-fledged national organic policy,” the PM told delegates.

Prime Minister Thinley said he had written to all the heads of government at Rio +20, calling on them to dump “perverse subsidies for fossil fuels”.

He also urged them: “In order to move rapidly towards sustainable agriculture, governments should support small-scale local production and consumption; ensure public procurement from sustainable local sources; invest in rural sector public goods including farmer education in organic methods; and incorporate traditional knowledge into agriculture research and development.”

If only the leaders at Rio had been listening.

You can read the full speech here and more on Bhutan’s commitment to organics and happiness here.