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Organic food takes off

Organic food takes off

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Airlines are serving organic meals, SIMON WEBSTER reports. 

Airlines are embracing organics, the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) reports. Two carriers from the United Arab Emirates have taken the plunge. Firstly, Etihad Airways’ in-flight menu now features fresh produce, from eggs to vegetables to honey, sourced from the 55-hectare Abu Dhabi Organic Farms.

Secondly, Emirates has introduced organic dishes created by Anston Fivaz, executive chef of the Blue Mountains eco-luxury Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, in its airport lounges across Australia.

Unfortunately, you have to be seated in first class to enjoy the Etihad organic menu, and you have to be a member or at least a business class passenger to get access to the Emirates lounges.

This will not do much to counter the perception, held in some quarters, that organic food is a luxury for the wealthy, but let’s applaud the airlines anyway. It’s better than not serving organic food at all.

Besides, apparently Qantas is doing its bit for the health of the riff-raff in cattle class by serving organic fruit bars in its kids’ meals.

Now, if only they could do something to make the aircraft themselves a bit more eco-friendly. Can’t someone out there invent a solar plane?