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Make the most of your fig harvest

Make the most of your fig harvest

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OG Editor Steve Payne shares a mouthwatering recipe for preserved figs.

Following on from my visit to the Brookman’s at the Food Forest (Gawler, SA), they have sent me their recipe for preserved figs! So if you have an excess, here’s a decadent way of keeping your bounty for the coming months.

Here’s what Annemarie and Graham said: “This is the most amazing and delicious way of keeping figs we’ve come across and was collected by grandfather Tom Bowen who worked with dried fruit growers in the Riverland when figs were a significant crop up there.”

Grandfather Bowen’s Figs

6 lbs (2.7kg) figs

4lbs (1.8kg) sugar

2ozs (~50gm) ginger

6 wineglasses (750ml) vinegar

1 wineglass (125ml) water (We think a wine glass could have been 125mls)

Boil figs in the above ingredients until clear (about 2 hours).

Drain dry and press-roll in castor sugar Bake in hot oven for 5-10 minutes and allow to cool. Store in an airtight container.