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Simon Webster has planted seedlings to expedite the growing process.

How to grow the three sisters: part 2

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It’s time for plan B in the attempt the grow the classic three sisters, reports SIMON WEBSTER. 

OK, so stage one of the three sisters experiment did not go entirely to plan. I returned home from a two-week break to find no evidence that I had even planted any sweetcorn, save for a few craters in the soil indicating that something had been doing a bit of digging.


It was a bit like one of those vegie-growing nightmares. You know the ones: you wake up in a cold sweat because you’ve dreamed your prize crop has keeled over a day before the national turnip-growing championships. Everyone has them … don’t they?


Rats are the No.1 suspect, so I’ll be putting out some traps tonight in a bid to protect the sweetcorn seedlings that I have just planted.


I chose seedlings rather than seeds in a bid to expedite the process. They are Super Sweet Bicolour, which is, alas, an F1 hybrid, rather than a dinky-di heirloom variety, but it was all I could find.


Here’s hoping they make it through the night.