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Phil Dudman puts the three sisters organic cooking recipe to the test

How to cook the three sisters

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PHIL DUDMAN and his fab foodie friend Julie Ray have put the famous ‘Three Sisters’ combo to the test, only this time, in the kitchen. Check out the scrumptious recipes they prepared live to air on ABC North Coast which combined organic corn, beans and zucchini.

Once a month, chef and food writer Julie Ray joins me and Graeme Stuart for Good Gardening on ABC North Coast.

Each time, I set her the challenge of creating a recipe that utilises organic produce harvested fresh from my garden that very morning. It’s all about growing and cooking organically using what’s local and seasonal. Last Saturday, it was ‘the three sisters’, corn, beans and zucchini/squash.

Julie rose to the challenge with two mouth watering vegetarian dishes which she prepared live to air as we answered gardening questions from our audience. Graeme and I devoured both dishes with glee and can highly recommend that you give them a try.

Three Sisters Salad with a Spicy Dressing
Chocolate Ratatouille in Pasta Shells