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Growling gourmets

Growling gourmets

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Life in the doghouse isn't so bad, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Frothed goat’s milk cappuccino sprinkled with dried liver treats may not be standard fare in Sydney cafes, but it is popular at Chew Chew, an organic restaurant for discerning dogs.


Located in the North Shore suburb of Wollstonecraft, the upmarket canine cafe is Sydney’s first doggie restaurant, says owner and pet nutritionist Naoko Okamoto. It offers home deliveries for pets that can’t be bothered going out for dinner, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.


Cats are also welcome for lunch after 2pm, but by appointment only, says the Chew Chew website. They wouldn’t want to arrive at the height of lunchtime – by all accounts it can be a ruff crowd.