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Give that grower a gong

Give that grower a gong

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Several awards are up for grabs for Australia’s best and brightest organic producers, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

It can be a thankless task, growing organic vegies for a living. You get up before the rooster crows, toil come rain or shine, get water in your wellies and bugs up your nose, and haul your lovingly nurtured produce to the market, only for a customer to tell you the carrots are bigger and cheaper at Woolies.

But at last organic producers are getting some sort of recognition. Nominations are currently being sought for awards in three states:

The inaugural NSW Organic Pioneers Award will go to a “dedicated organic producer, an innovator in the organic industry … who is passionate about organics”. Jointly sponsored by NSW Government departments and organic bodies, it offers a prize of a $6000 bursary to visit a leading organic farm overseas.

-Organics Tasmania is offering three major awards that celebrate innovation in organic and sustainable industries, including the Organic Industry Innovation Award.

-In Queensland, the Ivy Inwood Industry Award this year is for “someone who has a great idea that will benefit the agricultural industry, is committed to promoting innovative and sustainable approaches to their respective field and is willing to build their network with other industry professionals”. The winner gets $10,000. Plus there’s a Young Rural Achiever Award ($7500).

-Details of all these awards can be found on the Biological Farmers of Australia website here.