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Finding fungi in the wild

Finding fungi in the wild

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Mushroom foraging is a fun activity in autumn but do it safely with help from experts.

Helen McKerral is a proficient mushroom forager, but she has discovered that although you can learn about foraging in books and online, there is no substitute for hands-on experience with a skilled guide, especially in your local area, with follow-up mentoring.

Luckily, foraging workshops led by knowledgeable chefs and mycologists have sprung up around the country, teaching Australians to accurately identify mushrooms, and to forage in the safest way possible.

Do not try to forage mushrooms without following the basics and getting some guidance. Helen has written an article that outlines some dos and don’ts – you’ll find it in OG Issue 124.

If there are no experts around, then consider growing your own mushrooms instead. Below are some workshops listed by state, as well as kit suppliers. 



Selby Shrooms

Wild Food Adventure Tours 

Finding Feasts 

Corporate Keys

Moss House 

Diego Bonetto 


The Wild Food Huntress


Max’s Restaurant

Alison Pouliot

Australian Wild Herbs & Mushrooms  


Forest Fungi 

Sirocco South Forage and Feast 


Mushroom Meander

Regional and throughout Australia:

Urban Kulture 


Kit suppliers:


General resources: