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Cross-breed hatcheries

Cross-breed hatcheries

In the latest issue of Organic Gardener, MEGG MILLER recommends resilient, adaptable pure breeds when choosing chooks for the back-yard.Cross-breed poultry are also available from a variety of hatcheries, in most states.

Poultry cross-breed suppliers


Wagners Poultry, Coldstream
Phone: 03 9739 1460


Brian Larkin Poultry, Tahmoor
Supplying commercial cross-breeds
Phone: 02 4681 9722

Barter & Sons Hatchery, Luddenham
Crosses available most of the time
Phone 02 4773 3222 or


Bonds Hatchery, Grantham
Phone: 07 4697 7800

Darling Downs Hatchery, Peak Crossing (Peak Poultry Supplies)
Phone: 07 5467 2882


Churchills Hatchery, Sorrell
Phone: 03 6265 3962