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Chicken in purple nappy

Chickens in nappies

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At last, you can invite chooks into the house without worrying about the carpet (well, apart from the scratching), SIMON WEBSTER reports.

There’s no denying it: nature is messy. We’ve done our best to domesticate numerous breeds of animals over the past few thousand years, yet the only ones that seem to have got the hang of doing their business where we want them to are cats and dogs.   

Cows? They’ve got no idea. Sheep? No respect. Chickens? Well, you’d think they’d make some sort of effort after all we’ve done for them, but, no: they just poo as they please.

Which is where these chicken nappies come in. Simply strap them on, and catch what comes naturally.

You can then throw this in the compost, spread it around your fruit trees, or share and compare with your poultry-loving friends.

“Our chicken diapers are not just for the fashion-obsessed hen,” says the US-based website, Pampered Poultry. “They offer you and your home protection against the inevitable! Our diapers fit comfortably and allow you to enjoy your birds in the house or car without worry!”

The nappies are handmade by the Women’s Sewing Cooperative in Munoz, Dominican Republic, Pampered Poultry reports, and will soon be available in Australia from And no, this blog was not filed on April’s Fools Day.