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Bloomin' nuisance

Bloomin’ nuisance

A daffodil drought has England all of a twitter, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Brows are furrowed over in England as March marches on and spring has decidedly not sprung.

Normally awash with daffodils at this time of year, the English countryside remains disturbingly bare following an icy-cold winter, so much so that tourism chiefs in Cumbria – William Wordsworth country – have called on visitors who find daffodils in bloom to report them by “tweeting”.

(For the technologically challenged, tweeting involves sending a electronic message, rather than impersonating a sparrow or a blackbird, which is a shame, because hordes of hikers doing the latter would be much more entertaining).

The BBC has the story here.

This is all terribly inconvenient for the village of Thriplow, near Cambridge, which is hosting its annual daffodil festival this weekend, as The Daily Mail explains here.

Climate change or just weird weather? No one knows.

In the meantime, here’s some Wordsworth.